Wk 1 – Artist Essay – Ana Teresa Fernandez

About the Artist

Ana Teresa Fernandez was born in Tampico, Mexico.  She does paintings, and what she calls social sculptures.  These are performance art, sculptures, and paintings with a political message.

Formal Analysis

Ana Teresa Fernandez has done works with many different media.  She does does a lot of photography.  she uses lighting and depth of field to make her pictures look like and exaggerated reality.  her paintings are also very surreal, but based in reality.

Content Analysis

Fernandez uses her art as activism.  many of her works focus on themes of women having certain expectations of them.  Another big theme in her works on the US relationship with immigrants from the south.  this is evident in her social sculpture “Borrando La Frontera” in which she painted the boarder wall light blue, “erasing” it.  “Ice Queen” is a good example of her exploring ideas of the female role.  It is a photo a women in a stiletto made of ice.

My Experience

i enjoyed many of the works by this artist.  the border one was especially resonant with me because i think that it is dumb how people separate people so much by where they live.  i also like the symbolism in the Ice Queen.   Women are expected to dress a certain way, and the patriarchy dosen’t care about how they feel. I cannot relate to this because i am a man but i think that there should be no difference between the genders.


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