Project 1: The Plaster Mold

i got to the beach around 4:30 and i got to work quick, so that i wouldn’t waist the limited sunlight i had left.  i started by digging a hole for the mold.


than i went to the water break and filled my bucket up with wet sand.  i pored the wet sand around my hand that i suspended in the hole.  i gently puled my hand out, leaving a hand shaped hole.


I than went down to the water and collected some water in my bucket to mix with the plaster.  when i started to pour the carton of plaster in the water, i realized that i had too much water.  it was too late.  i had a bucket of very runny plaster solution.  i decided to pour the plaster in the hole anyway.


When i did, some overflowed out the top of the sand and covered the surrounding sand with white liquid.


i waited 30 minutes to let it harden, and dug the creation out of the sand.


when i unearthed the plaster figure, i found something that was similar to a hand, but not quite.


the liquid had seeped through the fingers of my hand hole.  At first i was disappointed, but than i thought about it and i decided that it was actually cooler than a normal hand.  mine is different than just a normal hand.  it looks more like a melted plastic hand than my human hand, and i like that.


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